Malaysia: Day 2

As it usually happens after a long flight the tiredness lingers a bit longer than you could brush it off with a good night sleep, therefore this day I only planned a pleasant walk through the nearby streets in the warm and humid city. Which meant I visited KL Tower to check the view from one of the tallest buildings. Yes, it is indeed a typical tourist attraction, but at least you can have a great view at least from 335 meters high, and then there is park that is so thick and big you can easily call it a forest. It got preserved in the middle of the city as the remnant of the previous rain forest to produce oxygen for the busy city center. So, how is the view? 🙂

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What is noticeable for the first sight are the trees and the many parks in the city. Simply beautiful. Huge trees are bordering the roads and there is no lack of parks either.



Not only parks and trees are abundant in KL, but shopping malls, too. There is a terrifying number of these facilities there. You can find one at every second corner and no I’m not kidding. On one hand it is understandable since these are air conditioned buildings and as it usually is nobody likes sweating 24/7.

When I first entered the room in the hotel, well, speaking the truth it was quite chilly much more than I would like it. There was less than freezing 15°C in the room. Generally I have nothing against AC-s, but I felt this was a bit too much. Similar temperature reigns in cars and shopping malls. It is advisable to dress in layers. I didn’t really mention public transport earlier because as I heard it’s not the best around here. If you need to travel shorter distances then it’s OK, but if you need to change then it becomes a hassle, so locals advised me not to use it, instead of it they offered Grab. This is an application similar to Uber which is easily downloadable from Google Play store.

As if it was necessary… well, somewhere it was and we ended up in a shopping mall where it took a lot of time only to walk through the corridors and check out the restaurants. I didn’t even dare to think about how much time you would need to do your shopping there… But one thing is for sure, here you can buy all the food and ingredients you consume in Europe. At last we voted for the Little Penang Kafé in Midvalley Megamall, where I could try the national specialty, the Nasi Lemak. This dish is a very exotic one, the rice is cooked in fragrant coconut water and the chicken limb is in a spicy sauce. I have no idea about the spices they use, but it was something delicious.



And the evening wasn’t over yet since the city is most beautiful at night when the lights are illuminating the buildings. As well as the trees next to the roads, it felt like Christmas in Budapest. And of course the Twin Towers. What you need to know is that there is another shopping mall, the Suria KLCC, but locals call it only KLCC. It is located between the two towers and in this building you can find a bookstore with the widest range of English books. This place is inevitable if you want to read in English. But I already talked a lot, let’s see the pics. 🙂

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