Why are we stuck?

This question always made me curious: why is it that for some people quick change and advancement is effortless and seemingly granted by an unseen force while for others no matter how hard they try they can only go forward painstakingly slowly. It seems to me the difference is in our beliefs.

Image by Engin_Akyurt from Pixabay 

Many authors and great coaches says it is because of our thinking, and yes it is true, but why do we think like this or that? Even if we change our thoughts one-by-one something always gets in the way, an unseen force or circumstance. Have you ever felt like this?

I did. So I tried to untangle the reasons behind it. I think trying to single-mindedly change our thoughts for the better won’t help us reach a break-through. However, there are many advantages of positive thinking compared to its negative counterpart, still for the real change it is not enough. With it we can only lead a better and more enjoyable life, but not the life we’ve dreamt about.

Our core beliefs are the foundations what life and how we live it: what do we belive in, what are our habits, how we respond to challenges, how we treat our loved ones and ourselves. Everything is based on those core beliefs and the values  attached to them that are constantly created through our experiences and are rarely changeable by new experiences. But here is the catch, those beliefs and values can get us up to a certain height in life. Soaring at low altitudes can be dangerous because there are too many obstacles and unexpected rooftops. Which means they can support us until they reach their limits, and when we want to go further, when we want more, they will always give us a set back.

It is like trying to fit a yacht into a Suzuki Swift, because we want a yacht… it won’t fit in.



Core belief vs individual positive thought

Our beliefs are always much stronger and deeper than our attempt to see the bright side of life. Even if we can think about a situation in a positive light we might end up experiencing the same results all over again, because our dream life usually requires much more space than our current ideas or beliefs allow.



To live a bigger and more satisfying life we need to upgrade our beliefs and ideas to support our dreams, because the reality we create for ourselves is based on our ideas and beliefs. 

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay 

It requires a lot of patience and courage because those things are the pillars of our world. It can be scary to even think about changing something that we identify ourselves with, but those are based on the experiences we and our family, our friends and society had, and they don’t define us, they are not us, but they define our lives.

I hope you enjoyed it and helped you make some new discoveries regarding your life. If you have questions or need some help, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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