When waves are crashing above your head

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? As if all your colleagues, your boss, your family plus one or two unexpected situation suddenly started to compete for your attention? In such a situation one or two more tasks could feel like terrifying, as if your whole life could collapse if you don’t finish everything as soon as possible. Or not?

Photo by Richard Segal on Pexels.com

It can happen that you just took-on a lot, or lost sight of what is really important to you. It can feel overwhelming, but if you step back a bit, take a deep breath, then you might discover something that will shed a new light on those things. There are many strategies you can try to find a safe spot again, like:

  1. Doing sports and relaxations techniques or meditation can help reduce stress which helps think clearer;
  2. Practise mindfullness to stay in the present;
  3. Open a book randomly and see if the message can help see things in a new light;
  4. Give yourself free time, a change of place and pace can do wonders;
  5. Check out your values: our values determine our goals and motivation, weed out those things that are contradictional to your values;
  6. The Eisenhower-Matrix can also help to prioritise.

“I’ve already tried all these and I’m still lost”

This usually happens because we can rarely get out of our thinking. Sometimes in order to see what’s really important and organise accordingly we first need to become able to do creative destruction in our lives. This concept came from Schumpeter in the ’50s, and tells that sometimes we need to destroy things, concepts, thoughts in order to create something better.

“You alone, get to choose what matters. The meaning of everything is the meaning you give it.” – Neale Donald Walsch

But before you jump into that and destroy something that has served you for a long time, think about it: Why is it good to you? Why is it good to your family, friends and colleagues? Why is it good to society and the environment? And you can ask it in reverse, too.

These are only first-aid fixes, but if you are stuck and could use some help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

What you’ve just read is only the tip of the iceberg and not coaching itself. If you want to compose a better, happier present and future, then this action is for you: Until October 31, 2020, I’m giving you a 50% discount on every 5 eligible coaching passes. It has never been so cheap, 5 sessions are only 30,000 HUF + VAT. An occasion ranges from 45 to 90 minutes, adapting to your pace. In the current situtaion I can only coach you online, but it does not diminish its value. This occasionally means HUF 6,000. Issues you can contact me with:

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