About Me

Anita Kocsis, Life and Business Coach

Teacher & Coach With Entrepreneurial Mindset

Thank you for reading my blog and/or being interested in coaching.

The way to coaching

As I think back to both my career and my personal journey, I realized that self-improvement has always played a central role in my life. I basically love having my things go well without unnecessary drama while constantly broadening my horizons. However, this can only be achieved through learning with an open-mind, because change is inevitable. But if that’s already the case, then at least I want this change to lead to a better life and not down the slope.

I’m good at: noticing contradictions easily and quickly in terms of lifestyle, communication, relationships, business, management, strategy, etc. Basically, I’ve always noticed these, but until I found coaching I couldn’t name the problem, I just felt like something was wrong. Coaching, on the other hand, gave me so much more than that, teaching me how I can help others to resolve their own contradictions, at their own pace, with the solution that works best for them. There are times when turnkey solutions or ready-to-wear clothes are the right ones, but sometimes you can only achieve a goal with a customized plan.

I first started playing with the idea of ​​coaching at a multinational company, as the company’s philosophy at the time created a medium that supported the oragnization’s and through it our own improvement. Thus, in 2017 I found myself facing a more exciting task: to create a framework for long-term cooperation between sales and key account management. It was exciting, motivating and very successful.

Why teaching?

The road to coaching wasn’t straight for me, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to become, but I don’t mind that. All the experience so far has contributed and made me more prepared for this role. My next stop was an English teaching job at my own language school, which was a franchise partner of Hollywood Language Studio. It was a very exciting time and a big leap for me. At this point, it became clearer that I wanted to be a coach, so now I hold life and business coaching sessions, mediation, and sales workshops.

Sales, isn’t this a bit of a stretch?

I was a sales representative for a daily newspaper for 4 years and even after that sales came back to me again and again. So it was very interesting to see that after I sold my school, the first request for proposal I got wasn’t about coaching, but about holding a sales training. Of course, coaching left its mark on the training, but that’s why it became customer-specific. But life is all about sales. We sell our knowledge, time and energy when we go to a job interview. We sell ourselves when we make new friends or date or ask for a pay raise. Why not do this better?